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Who makes the Medical Simulation world turn? SimTechs, that’s who.

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We listened to you, and this is our response. The feedback that we have had from the simulation community and SimTech community, on the whole, is that the simulation industry needs to supply you with what “You” want, not what “We” want you to want” (if you know what we mean).

  • Another Hi-fi Patient Simulator is not always the answer. When you can add to, change, or enhance what you already have.
  • Using Standardised Patients with Wearables is becoming more and more common, in many scenarios, it is simply a better way to do simulation.

It is obvious in countries that are developed in medical simulation, that there is lots of tech, you have lots of high-fidelity simulators. There will always be a place for the new and greatest patient simulators, of course there will. But if your simulators are 5 or 10 years old, are working fine, and do what you want them to do, why would you change?

The simulation world has evolved, especially because of innovation and resourcefulness from the Simulation Technicians #SimTech. The SimTechs make the delivery of simulation possible all around the world, no matter what the products, no matter what the technical issue. We in the industry have to recognise that evolution within is a good thing.

So, with MEDICFX we want to start helping the simulation world make the best of the tools they have, and to add choices in wearables.

“We are making it easier to order the MEDICFX face overlays and wearable wounds from the UK rather than New Zealand. I have seen the popularity of their products on my travels around the world and I am immensely proud to be associated with their good work. Being able to deliver MEDICFX in the UK ensures value for money, quality, flexibility, and diversity.”

Jake Rahman, SimulationMan MD

‘We at MEDICFX love collaborating and connecting with other international businesses like Simulationman and Extreme Simulations so we can offer amazing realistic simulation products worldwide’


Interested? Whist the website is being developed you can contact to find out more.