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VEO for Healthcare Simulation

“A Video debrief system for your mobile devices.” Making in situ, mobile and outdoor simulation debriefing more accessible.

The best tool for remote assessment of OSCEs

Collect insights into video simulations of practice for reflection, feedback, and assessment of OSCEs and other medical qualifications.

A low cost, portable alternative to AV debrief systems

AV debrief systems are expensive, static, and difficult to use. VEO’s video observation software turns any smartphone into a portable video feedback and observation tool. Ready to use whenever the need arises, VEO can be taken on-site, allowing for more realistic, in-situ simulations.

Instant feedback and assessment data on video simulations.

VEO provides you with the ability to record simulations and practice on any device, transforming a normal video recording into a rich data mine of insights to enhance assessment, feedback and reflections. Using cutting edge AI technology and customisable assessment frameworks as tag sets you can collect the insights you need to assess better.

Simplify your simulations

Sometimes, a little bit of guidance is all you need. VEO’s easy to understand tagging system allows you to create information-rich annotations on recorded simulations. Helping to improve the performance of candidates in large, mandatory courses such as ALS, BLS or OSCEs.

Remote assessment of OSCEs

VEO provides a faster, better, and more affordable solution for OSCE assessments. Saving you valuable time and money.

Purposeful Reflection

Collect instant feedback and data on video simulations. Providing focus and structure to your students’ reflections.

Assess faster and better today

We can provide a free video demo to show you why VEO is trusted by universities in over 30 countries around the world to improve performance.

Scalable Pricing Structure

VEO has been designed to be used by anyone, from the smallest of teams to the largest of institutions. With this in mind, the pricing is scalable, depending on the number of users and hours of video needed.

Case Studies

University of Gloucestershire

Teeside University

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