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It’s time for SimulationMan

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Well, 2020 was a difficult year for many companies. You’d think healthcare companies would do well in a global pandemic, but we in healthcare industries know that not to be the case.

Back-to-back Zoom and Teams calls since March 2020. Mic off-on, dodgy internet connections. I might as well just invited my kids into my business calls, because they always made an appearance anyway, but offered little strategic direction.

Trying to be with customers when you can’t be with customers.

How to get going when you can’t get going?

In these challenging times, a business geek had an idea!

SimulationMan is an enablement consultancy company for businesses & products in the healthcare world.

During the pandemic businesses have had to become more agile, more daring, stepping out of their comfort zones. So, when companies reached out to collaborate during this time, it was time to respond, help and take up the challenge. It’s time to get moving, to start the recovery & to ensure success in a post pandemic world.

SimulationMan will embark to develop products, develop companies, develop sales teams to promote & facilitate growth.

We hope our partners will see that we do things differently, with passion, with an eye for detail and based on knowledge, expertise either gained or sought. Using relationships around the world, we’ll aim to open doors expand the reach of companies, people and products.

Before this website went live, SimulationMan Ltd has already started in co-development of new products for training in healthcare, we are consulting for a US Medical Simulation Company, working with the MSE Group we are the liaison with a major BLS company in keys parts of Europe and manage the new player in debriefing systems in the UK as well as working with a number of tech companies.

I’m looking forward to being able to network and swap ideas with entrepreneurs that “can do”.

We hope to gain success with our partners with a smile on our face.

Bring it on…