You are currently viewing SimulationMan and the Simulation Collective partner with Simboost to enhance healthcare simulation further

SimulationMan and the Simulation Collective partner with Simboost to enhance healthcare simulation further

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SimulationMan and the Simulation Collective are thrilled to partner with SimBoost, a pioneering company specialising in video debrief solutions for healthcare simulation. This collaboration aims to advance healthcare simulation capabilities to existing and new providers of healthcare education by delivering cutting-edge debriefing solutions and comprehensive simulation center management capabilities.

SimBoost specialises in video debrief solutions for healthcare simulation, and education facilities management for healthcare simulation. with a decade of experience and a commitment to enhancing debriefing processes and learning outcomes.

SimBoost Software Screens on different devices

“Advanced Training Tools For Healthcare Professionals”

Commenting on the partnership, Jake Rahman, Founder of SimulationMan and the Simulation Collective, said, “We are delighted to partner with Simboost to help provide advanced training tools for healthcare professionals. Together, we aim to transform simulation center operations and empower educators with comprehensive management solutions.

“Exceptional Debriefing Experiences”

Commenting on the partnership, Assaf Sofrin, Director of Business Development at SimBoost, stated, “SimBoost is thrilled to partner with SimulationMan Ltd and the Simulation Collective to revolutionise healthcare simulation. This collaboration combines our advanced debriefing solutions with their expertise to empower educators and enhance patient safety. Together, we hope to drive advancements in the training of healthcare professionals to deliver exceptional debriefing experiences.

SimBoost Key Benefits

  1. Seamless Upgrades: Current video debrief software users can seamlessly upgrade to Simboost’s advanced solution, ensuring they stay at the forefront of technological advancements for improved outcomes.
  2. Integration with Gener8-Healthcare BLIS Room: Simboost’s video debrief system integrates with the state-of-the-art Gener8-Healthcare BLIS room, optimizing the learning experience for healthcare professionals.
  3. Simbulance Video Debrief System: A video debrief system is introduced for the Simbulance, a next-generation simulation platform for paramedic training. Real-time debriefing and feedback enhance preparedness and training.
  4. Holistic Simulation Center Solutions: SimulationMan Ltd, the Simulation Collective, and Simboost offer comprehensive debriefing capabilities and efficient center management tools, streamlining operations and maximizing the impact of simulation training.