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Connect emotionally, and practice realistically with a new level of simulated patient overlays.

Elevate Your Simulation Experience

Are you tired of traditional medical simulations that fall short of preparing you for the real world? Simulafx is now Emulant, and we’re here to take your simulation experience to the next level! With Emulant, we’re redefining medical training to help you connect emotionally with your simulated patients while providing you with the technology you need for a more diverse and realistic learning experience.

Simulation manikin without an Emulant silicone overlay


One of the major issues in medical training is that traditional manikins often don't represent the diverse range of patients you'll encounter in real-life practice. Training on a manikin with an athlete's body might give you a false sense of confidence, but it won't prepare you for the challenges of treating overweight patients.


Emulant provides hyper-realistic silicone overlays for medical teams in hospitals to train. With our overlays, you can achieve greater emotional involvement, thus improving the experience of medical simulation.

Key Features

  • Corpulent Body Challenge

    Emulant offers overlays to simulate overweight bodies, ensuring you're prepared for a diverse range of patients.

  • Works on Most Simulators

    Our overlays are designed to work seamlessly with most simulator models, making integration into your training program easy.

  • Quick and Easy Setup and Removal

    Emulant overlays are designed for convenience, ensuring a hassle-free setup and removal process.

  • Medical-Grade Silicone

    e use high-quality medical-grade silicone to provide a realistic and safe training experience.

  • Tear-Prevention Technology

    Our overlays are made with technology that prevents tears, ensuring long-lasting use.

  • Artistic Detail

    Each overlay is hand-painted by our artists, providing a level of realism that enhances your training.

  • Hand-Applied Hair

    For an even more lifelike experience, our overlays include hand-applied hair.

  • ECG Connectors

    Emulant overlays come equipped with ECG connectors for comprehensive training.

  • Auscultation

    Practice auscultation with ease, enhancing your diagnostic skills.

  • Secure Strap

    Each overlay fits over your simulator with a secure strap, allowing the simulator to be seated and moved without worry.

  • Simulated Defibrillator

    Our overlays are designed for use with a simulated defibrillator so that you can practice life-saving procedures.

  • Sustainable Storage

    Emulant provides a sustainable storage box with support for the overlay, keeping it safe and protected between uses.

Emulant overlays come with built-in ECG connectors
Detail of the Emulant overlay chest with ECG connectors

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