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SimBoost Essentials

SimBoost Essentials

Video Recording and Debriefing (AV system)

A Sim Center management solution for new Sim-centers or centers who look for a cost-effective AV solution that just works. The solution is tailored to medical simulation and supports scenario management and other helpful key features. This on-premise installation is easily scalable to any size.


Simboost Essentials Audio and Video in training center
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The most advanced A-to-z Sim Center management solution, enabling everything from a strong AV-based debrief, through different modules like inventory management, auto-scheduling and everything in between.


A mobile deployment solution that can work as a standalone system without the need for external servers. It can also be used in conjunction with a SimBoost Sim-center as a deployable in-situ recording solution, with a full sync back to SimBoost servers.

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