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Onboard Connectivity for Road Emergency Vehicles

Simulation Man has partnered with The Onboard Technology Group to deliver an onboard connectivity solution dedicated to road emergency vehicles. The Onboard Technology Group, through its group of companies, have specialised in providing vehicle internet connectivity and tracking for over 10 years to a number of road transport industries, including public transport, service response fleets, and leisure vehicles.

The BEAM 8x Emergency Vehicle Edition is a dedicated, automotive router solution configured specifically to meet the requirements of road emergency vehicles.

Emergency vehicle connectivity with the BEAM 8x


  • Compact design for all road emergency vehicles

    The BEAM 8x is a compact 4G/LTE, WiFi router with automotive EMARK certification, suitable for all road emergency vehicles.

  • Robust Connectivity with Dual SIM

    Ensure an essential, robust and consistant network connection with the ability to insert dual SIMs on different networks

  • Real-time location tracking

    With GPS/GNSS built-in as standard , the BEAM 8x can provide a real-time location tracking feed to virtually any tracking platform, with its flexible set-up and configuration options.

  • Integrate with onboard systems

    The BEAM 8x can provide connectivity to key onboard systems via its dedicated multiple, secure WiFi channels and its physical interfaces. These include USB, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, I/O and SD Card.

  • Secure Wi-Fi hotspot

    Vehicle personnel can connect wirelessly to a secure WiFi hotspot with phones, handheld devices and laptops. The unit can connect directly and securely to your infrastructure using the built-in virtual private network (VPN) functionality.

  • Ready to go out-of-the-box

    The BEAM 8x ships as a complete kit, configured and ready to go out-of-the-box as standard.

  • Custom configuration and managed service

    Onboard Technology Group are specialists in vehicle connectivity and systems integration. They can provide custom BEAM 8x configuration to fit specific requirements. To ensure consistant connectivity and support they also provide a fully managed service where required.

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