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Pre-hospital Medical Simulation

Immersive Rooms Pre Hospital

When using healthcare simulation to give learners the vital experience they need to become safe, skilled, and confident in healthcare. There are multiple elements that need to bring together in a structured but memorable experience.

Here at Gener8Healthcare are committed to giving you a perpetual vehicle for the future to bring immersive simulation experiences together with interactive learning.

Inside Helicopter

100% Interactive Environments

Immerse students completely in multiple realistic environments using 1 space.

100% Interactive Environments

Interact with every surface and asset, move, resize, touch, and manipulate with pinpoint accuracy.

Unlimited Scenarios

Choose from pre-built experiences or build your own with our easy drag and drop software.

Unlimited Scenarios

Easily creating and editing your Gener8 immersive space exactly how you want. The only limit to the room is your imagination

Full training & Support

From inception to reality our trained teams work alongside you to create tailored experiences.

Full training & Support

Professional training along with our exclusive Gener8 academy coupled with our ongoing support your Gener8 space will always perform as you expect.


Create and Customise

With our drag and drop editor creating the exact scenario required is easy!

Easily Create Experiences

Once created they are fully customizable. From a Homecare Environment to Intensive Care.

Example Experiences

Injury Scenario

Safe High-Pressure Simulation

Hyperrealism advances learning through our immersive simulation training rooms. Gener8 Immersive suites allow students to train in any virtual environment as a team without the need for bulky VR headsets. Place participants in high-pressure scenarios with the knowledge there are no risks and where discovery learning can take place.

Immersive rooms are fantastic for a diverse range of training environments, from real-world locations to emergency rooms, all preparing students for real-life situations.

Content is key. It is our mission to create curriculum based content for pre and post registration scenarios and protocols in “best practice” and “acute care situations”.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”

A Complete Solution

Gener8 Immersive suites provide a complete tailored solution from site surveys at inception all the way to persistent training and complete support. Our  Gener8 family will always be on here to answer any questions you may have, at any stage of the rooms life. With our in-house and partnered software, you are able to have complete control over your environments and simulations at the click of a button.

Experience the immersive simulation

We can arrange either a visit to one of our rooms or an online demonstration of our powerful software and touch capabilities within our immersive simulation rooms.

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