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Exclusive Invitation to Join Start-up Central at IMSH 2024

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We are thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to your innovative company to be a part of the inaugural Start-up Central at IMSH 2024, hosted by SimulationMan in collaboration with the Simulation Collective. This exciting opportunity is a testament to your commitment to cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking products.

Start-up Central is set to be a prominent pavilion at the heart of the IMSH exhibition hall, featuring 8-10 handpicked start-ups showcasing their pioneering contributions to the simulation industry. This is a unique chance for risk-taking start-ups like yours to shine brightly amidst the vast landscape of the exhibition space.

Powered by the Simulation Collective, Start-up Central aims to bridge the gap between SSH SimVentors and the broader IMSH show floor. It provides a platform for smaller, younger, and innovative companies to make their mark at IMSH, demonstrating to the Simulation Community the essence of their groundbreaking initiatives.

What’s Included:

  • 2 exhibit staff badges for access to IMSH general conference plenaries, workshops, and sessions
  • Pre & post-show attendee lists
  • Marketing and social media campaigns to enhance Start-up Central’s visibility
  • Exhibit staff lunches on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday
  • Company profile in IMSH 2024 mobile app
  • Company name and website link featured on the IMSH microsite
  • Sustainable and eye-catching booth design to attract foot traffic
  • Welcome meal and social events
  • Reduced stress associated with exhibiting at a conference

Join us Now for IMSH 2024 – TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

We invite you to be a part of history at the 24th International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare, taking place from January 17 to January 24 in San Diego, California.

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The IMSH and Simulation Collective Teams