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Deepscope Ultrasound Simulator

The next generation of ultrasound simulator

The SimulationCollective is proud to introduce

Deepscope Ultrasound Simulator

Advancing Multidisciplinary Healthcare Education

A mixed reality ultrasound simulator, allowing you to turn any mannikin into a high fidelity educational ultrasound simulator at a fraction of the cost of traditional mannikin based simulators. 

The system is highly portable making simulation training easy to deliver anywhere and comes packed with features, including probe position guidance, probe position testing and a library of pathologies.

Deepscope ultrasound simulator takes simulation-based learning to the next level by integrating ultrasound scanning into advanced simulated patient scenarios. Healthcare professionals across disciplines can now practice ultrasound skills within realistic clinical environments. This immersive experience enhances collaboration and prepares teams for real-world challenges, ultimately improving patient care. Join us in revolutionizing healthcare education with Deepscope ultrasound simulation.

Advantages of the Deepscope Ultrasound Simulator

  • Cost Effective

    More students can access the platform due to its lower cost compared to traditional simulators

  • Seamless Integration

    Deepscope can be embedded into multidisciplinary patient simulation scenarios

  • Realistic and Immersive

    Provides a lifelike ultrasound training experience

  • Wide range of modalities under development

    Covers abdominal, cardiac, obstetric, and musculoskeletal ultrasound

  • Extensive Virtual Patient Cases

    Offers diverse pathologies and clinical scenarios for practice

  • Extensive Virtual Patient Cases

    Real-time feedback

  • Customizable and Adaptable

    Instructors can tailor training to specific needs

  • Remote Learning and Collaboration

    Enables access and teamwork from anywhere

  • User-friendly Interface

    Easy to use for learners of all skill levels

  • Continuous Updates

    Keeps pace with advancements in ultrasound technology

  • Inclusive Education

    Affordable and accessible to a diverse range of learners

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Our mission

To lower the barrier to ultrasound simulation, so you can help more students to learn. 

The Deepscope simulator comes with everything you need to ultrasound classes, including the headset, casting equipment and accessories to make delivering education to multiple students easy. 

Join the top universities using Deepscope

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The quality of the cardiac anatomy is excellent. The ability to see how anatomical appearances change in response to transducer movements is particularly helpful for understanding relational anatomy and advanced cardiac views.
Dr Ma
Dr. Irene Ma, MD, MSc, PhD
Professor, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary
I just tried the Deepscope VR simulator today and it's as good if not better than most physical echo simulators.
Dr Suresh Paranjothy
Cardiac Anaesthetist, NUHS

Popular Packages


  • 1 x Oculus Quest 2 headset
  • 1 x PC Laptop
  • Echocardiography & abdominal
  • 9 pathologies (hover for details)
  • Ultrasound probe attachment
  • Optional manikin

Classroom Bundle Lifetime

  • 10 x Oculus Quest 2 headsets
  • 1 x PC Laptop
  • Echocardiography & abdominal
  • 9 pathologies (hover for details)
  • Ultrasound probe attachment
  • Optional manikins

Further volume pricing available.  We offer discounts if you already have Oculus devices and/or laptops with the required specifications.

Deepscope Ultrasound Simulator logo

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