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Interactive eLearning for Medical Students

CyberPatient provides medical students with an interactive learning platform that includes variety of medical cases to practice their clinical skills on.

Students can sharpen their abilities for history taking, physical examinations, diagnosis, treatment and follow- up of patients.
This improves their decision-making abilities and competencies in a virtual clinical environment that mimics the real-world experience. 

Close the Gap!

The difference between theory and practice can be miles apart. CyberPatient’s interactive learning platform will bridge that gap.

Everyone Benefits!

CyberPatient’s digital hospital can be accessed anytime, anywhere by all healthcare professionals; practicing to be prepared is practicing to be precise.

For the Faculty

Clinic Meets Classroom!

The ultimate tool for faculty in preparing students for real-life by integrating all aspects of theory and practical knowledge.
With over 120 clinical cases, 750+ additional curriculum supporting educational resources, and thousands of diagnostics and animated assets, CyberPatient strengthens curriculum development and learning outcomes.
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For the Student

It Gets Real!

CyberPatients real-life clinical simulations without real-life consequences prepare you for when it does get real.
Boost clinical confidence in preparation for rotations, OSCE’s, residency, and other health care licencing examinations. Students can sharpen their decision-making skills throughout the full continuum of patient care on a self-driven, gamified interactive platform.
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