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Working with you

Achieving results for your business

If its launching a new product, or motivating your team. We have a process of working with you to deliver results.

The Consultation

The consultation will help you and Simulation Man understand where you are and where you want to be and if we can help.

  • Your passion for your products or business.
  • The limitations through sales and marketing.
  • Current salesforce resources.
  • Understand internal practice & atmosphere.
  • Your USPs as people, with products and with business.
  • Competitive landscape and understanding of your industry.
  • Current costs, potential unknown costs.
  • Barriers to success and risks.
  • Legal and regulatory compliance.
The Shadow

The shadow process. A deep dive into where you are.

Shadowing your team’s professional practice.  A ride-along with the team.

  • A deeper understanding of your product.
  • Understanding your current sales force.
  • Understanding your customers and potential customers.

Simulation Man  will compile a report of:

  • Recommendations for sales team best practice.
  • Potential weaknesses. Inefficiencies and barriers to success.
  • Cause for celebration, team member advancement.
  • What your team needs from you to make them more successful.


The Plan

We will present a plan to improve:

  • How we will make a Noise. Company marketing and individual self-promotion.
  • New Strategies.
  • The “Pitch and Patter” for your sales team.
  • Establishing new responsibilities.
  • Usage of new and current channels.
  • Legal and compliance costs. (if any).
  • Legal and compliance processes.
The Delivery

Applying the plan into practice.
Agreeing a plan and process and putting it into practice within:

  • Sales.
  • Marketing Noise.
  • Demonstration of best practice.
  • Adherence to Legal and Compliance.

Did it work?

This will be a agreed date when results can be assessed.