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Consultancy Enablement

Consultancy enablement is what we specialise in here at SimulationMan. We can work with companies and start-ups in a number of ways, driven by our expertise and ideas, to deliver your goals.

If you have an idea you can bounce it off of us, or if you have a finished product, we will do your market validation for you within the healthcare and healthcare education space. Based on research and experience we’ll help you develop a strategy for entering the market and connect you with the right people, departments and information to ensure that you get the right advice before bringing your ideas to market and before you make that big investment. We can help you identify the resources you may need and help you make a judgement on investment required in an evidence based informed process.

Sometimes sales people just sell. Sometimes they may need assistance and the confidence to make that proactive step. We can do an assessment of your current team in a neutral context, to find out what makes your salespeople tick, what may be holding them back and what tools they need to be successful. We can offer group or individual sales coaching sessions to raise their confidence and give you, the manager or investor, the ability to elevate the sales stars and motivate those who need encouragement. With you, we can help you design a process and a “Pitch and Patter” ensuring unity of sales message and delivering the most poignant details and USPs about your products.

From basic marketing for image, websites or brochures, to strategic marketing advice. To full blown strategic campaigns. We can help with all your marketing needs within the healthcare space. If it’s just planning, or you want us to help with professional delivery of marketing assets, we have access to experience that can help your organisation.

With our network, we will find the right partners for you whatever part of the world you wish to operate in. If its distribution or franchise development. We can help manage your partners to help push your products or services to the forefront, and help you be successful beyond your borders.

What are achievable goals with your current resource?  How will they be achieved?  How will the achievement be driven? How will this be monitored?  If its structure in your budgeting, or structure in your sales meetings that are needed, after helping with all previous steps along the way, we would like to support you further and ensure that all activities are followed through to give you your achievable goals.

Options for working to together

We understand that every business is different and has its own challenges and goals. As such, we can work with you in a number of ways to maximize positive results for your business and sales team.

We can agree terms on specific services for a limited time to deliver an achievable result.
This may buy you the time to find additional resources and set additional internal goals with a short-term financial commitment to SimulationMan.

With a long-term agreement. We will work with you for as long as it takes to ensure that your organisation can reach its achievable goals. We ensure that there is a stepped plan to success with KPIs internally and externally. Long-term agreements are built to be made affordable and in proportion to the size of your company and the goals set to be achieved.

SimulationMan hopes to be a life-long partner with some companies. For the this, we would be happy to consider a profit share agreement or association to ensure that your organisation stays at the forefront of our attention for the foreseeable future. We at SimulationMan especially love tech companies with gadgets and quirky products that bring out the geek in us.