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About us

We operate in the Healthcare Education, Medical Simulation and Medical Device Sectors. And have a love for anything to do with “Gadgets and Tech”

SimulationMan is a concept business.
Set up to provide enablement consultancy to healthcare tech or healthcare education companies  looking to meet their marketing and sales expectations. With SimulationMan comes over 20 years of experience working in healthcare and healthcare related tech businesses.

With our strong experience we aim to do things differently. We can consult for short term, or partner for the long term. With a mixture of market knowledge, the right contacts and a passion for everything tech. We are here to help enable and accelerate businesses and ideas.

And we always strive to do this with passion and drive.

SimulationMan was founded by Jake Rahman.

Whilst looking for work as graphic designer in the 1990s, then having to take part-time work as a Porter in the Southampton eye hospital, Jake found a passion for working in the healthcare environment. From Porter to Orderly, to Healthcare Assistant, to Operating Department Practitioner. And then into Healthcare sales, mainly with medical simulation companies until reaching a senior role.

After working for many years in the medical simulation and medical tech space, I felt that the innovative products that often fell onto the back of distribution web-pages and brochures, needed more attention”.

I am proud to have worked my way up the ladder through healthcare and the commercial healthcare sales companies. It has, to me, helped value every person that contributes to making healthcare better, be they delivering care or helping to make the delivery of care possible”.