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Ventway Sparrow Portable Ventilators

Whether you’re at an emergency site, in an ambulance, or at a hospital, the Ventway Sparrow will give you high-performance ventilation in a compact and lightweight unit.

Inovytec Ventway Sparrow MR Portable Ventilator

Key Features

Compact & Lightweight

The Ventway is small and light weight making it optimal for patient transport, both in and out of the hospital

Oxygen-Independent Operation

By utilizing a turbine to draw ambient air from its surroundings, the Ventway does not rely on an external oxygen supply


From the Point of Injury to The Hospital

From the point of injury to the intensive care unit and anywhere in between, the Ventway provides an unparalleled continuum of ventilation in one compact package

Affordable and Easily Maintained

Cost-effective and low maintenance, the Ventway allows health systems to quickly build a large fleet of reliable ventilators

Ventway Sparrow EMS Model - Transport

Introducing the Ventway Sparrow: a lightweight and powerful ventilator weighing only 1 kilogram. With its user-friendly interface, it delivers high-performance ventilation, both invasive and non-invasive, making it perfect for transport and emergency use. From the initial point of injury to transfer to the emergency department or ICU, the Ventway Sparrow ensures smooth transitions, providing unparalleled ventilation in a compact design.


Ventway Sparrow Robust Model - Military

Our Robust model is crafted specifically for military applications in intense combat environments. Weighing just 1.3 kilograms, this comprehensive ventilation kit is tailored to adhere to MIL STD standards for use across the airforce, navy, and ground forces. Packed with features like night vision compatibility and altitude resistance, it ensures optimal performance in challenging conditions.


The Ventway Sparrow Robust Model portable ventilator on the dark green circle.
The Ventway Sparrow MR Model portable ventilator on a blue circle.

Ventway Sparrow MRI Model - Hospital Transport

Our MRI-compatible (3T) ventilator is the ideal solution for transporting ventilated patients within hospital settings. With its high-performance capabilities and unique design, it eliminates the necessity for additional ventilators during intrahospital transport. Say goodbye to complexities and streamline patient care with our innovative ventilator system.


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Inovytec’s diverse suite of products is comprised of the SALI advanced critical aid system, the Ventway Sparrow family of compact and robust turbine ventilators and the Lubo first-aid non-invasive airway management tools.