Company Introduction

CEC Medical Device Consultancy was founded in 2020. An expert team of very experienced medical device and healthcare consultants working together to enable and support international medical technology organisations entering into the UK health market.

We offer a detailed and tailored consultancy drawing from the extensive experience and network of the team. As an arm of SimulationMan Ltd, the business was set up to give a more focused service to international organisations that may need clinical evaluations, business and market advice and gain access to the complex network that the CEC team have built up over decades

Our Mission

Our mission is to seek partners with unique offerings in medical device and healthcare technology that bring out the best in our team. The client’s branding, product and vision will always remain at the forefront of our processes. The client is the lead, we are the facilitators.

Our People

Our value is the experience of our team. With a combined experience of over 60 years working commercially in the medical device, healthcare and medical education sectors in the UK, European and Global markets. Our “customer facing” team all having clinical experience as practitioners both in Hospital and Pre-hospital healthcare. We believe that we can offer an informed service to our clients with credibility and gravity from both the end-user’s perspective as well as commercial business view. We also offer technical and clinical knowledge needed to assure that the finite detail is covered.

Our Services

Consultancy for a company that wishes to enter the marketplace.

A detailed listening exercise to understand the clients aims, goals and objectives and the vision of where they want to be. We will freely advise what we feel should be the next steps both on legal needs, regulatory needs, clinical evaluation needs and commercial implementation needs.

Evaluation of client’s product, service offering or strategy.

We will arrange both clinical and end user evaluations of products by implementing evaluations with the clinical end users as well as engaging in “top-down” evaluation processes. If equipment validation is required, both locally and nationally, CEC have the experience to ensure this is done professionally.

Commercialisation of the product.

This could be from finding the right partners to take your business forward, to setting up a direct arm of the organisation, inclusive of marketing, entity establishing, accountancy and recruitment of the right team for the client.