The latest in the World of Simulation Collective

As part of the “special projects” team of SimulationMan and Extreme Simulations. In conjunction with the SimulationCollective. We are pleased to announce an exciting new …

Leading the way in the USA will be Terry Frazier, who is the right man for the job he is bringing the Simulation Man ethos across the pond.

What We Do

I started Simulation Man Ltd just 6 months ago because I got fed up with large medical equipment companies over profiteering and providing products that the community don't actually need or don't meet their needs, you cannot simply x 3 on the price because it says "Healthcare or Medical" on the product. I also wanted to #connect great companies together to work as a team.

With MedicFX we want to start helping the simulation world make the best of the tools they have, and to add choices in wearables.

Simulation Man and Cyber Patient have agreed on a partnership to deliver eLearning for healthcare in the UK.

CEC Medical, in association with Simulation Man, are excited and enthusiastic to enter into a period of consultation in the UK market with Inovytec.

One month into this new adventure and things are going well. This mission is becoming an antidote the big corporations that we have worked with …

SimulationMan and Extreme Simulations are working together to make a Manikin for ALS ILS training. Would you like to take part, and have an influence on what we make for the market?