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The Antidote to the big corporations

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One month into this new adventure and things are going well.

This mission is becoming an antidote the big corporations that we have worked with over the years. There is a better way to do things. Every conversation is fruitful and interesting.

Over the last month, we have been getting ready to launch with Gener8healthcare, the ALS product is coming on nicely with Extreme Simulations, MSE are now distribution partners with Innosonian, and other collaborative partnerships are coming together. The consultancy with Medvision has been insightful for action in the US market for simulation.

The consultancy business is now equipped to help with tech with the Onboard Technology Group and accountancy with Arlington Accountants, and we have recruitment and compliance partners coming on board.

In addition to this we are about to launch the Medical Device consultancy side of the business, that has 75 years worth of experience in the medical device world combined, CEC Medical will soon be live.

This business has been born to assure that the customer comes first, by bringing these great people with great experience and passion together.

We are collectively experts in what we do, not just another product code.

If we can help, we will, and if we can’t help, we’ll help find someone who can.