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Advancing Healthcare Training: SimulationMan and Aeron Training & Healthcare Education Collaborate

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We are pleased to announce a significant consultancy and strategic partnership between SimulationMan and the SimulationCollective, and Aeron Training & Healthcare Education. This collaboration aims to enhance healthcare training methodologies and contribute to the continuous improvement of patient care.

Developing an Advanced Training Centre

Together, we will focus on the development of an advanced training centre, designed to provide healthcare professionals with immersive and realistic training experiences. By utilizing state-of-the-art simulation technologies, this facility will offer a controlled environment for professionals to refine their skills and enhance their competencies.

Optimising Healthcare Training and Strategies

In addition, our partnership will enable us to work closely with Aeron Training & Healthcare Education in optimizing healthcare training strategies. By collaborating on curriculum development and exploring innovative solutions, we aim to improve the quality and effectiveness of healthcare education programs. Our shared goal is to empower healthcare professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional care.

We are excited to enter into this consultancy and strategic partnership with SimulationMan Ltd and the SimulationCollective. By combining our expertise, we hope to create a training centre that enhances healthcare education. Together, we can contribute to the continuous improvement of training strategies in the healthcare industry.

Sarah Rutlidge, Managing Director of Aeron Training & Healthcare Education

We value your input and encourage you to share your thoughts and comments on this partnership. How do you envision simulation-based training contributing to healthcare education? What areas of training strategies do you believe need further enhancement? We appreciate your insights as we work towards shaping a more effective and impactful future for healthcare professionals.

Join us as we strive to optimize healthcare training through the integration of simulation technology. Together, we can make meaningful advancements and positively impact patient care.