About us

www.simulationcollective.com is part of Simulation Man Ltd.  Simulation Man, originally set up as a consultation service we have now also moved into the commercial sales world in healthcare and healthcare education.

The SimulationCollective brings high-quality Medical Simulation, Healthcare Education, and Medical device companies together. Promoting continuous innovation, whilst working as a real cooperative with each company and each product line sharing relevant synergies.

Our aim is to deliver to the end-user and their organisations at a realistic price point. Ensuring that money spent is respective to the cause of healthcare organisations, whose primary focus must be on the patient and the proper training of staff first and foremost.

With the team coming from a public health background, we are determined to sell and provide services in a conscientious way understanding that our growth is reliant on the spending of public money.

Principles of Simulation Man

The www.simulationcollective.com website is set up to provide a seamless buying experience for the customer. Ensuring that they have the ability to browse products, find the correct information and seek help when needed from our team.

Jake Rahman - Founder of SimulationMan