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Introducing the Deepscope Ultrasound Simulator that combines virtual reality technology with a cost-effective approach to provide an immersive training experience.

We are pleased to announce a significant consultancy and strategic partnership between SimulationMan and the SimulationCollective, and Aeron Training & Healthcare Education.

Innovations within medical simulation cease to be innovative when they no longer bring substantial advancements or improvements to the field.

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Interactive eLearning for Medical Students

CyberPatient provides medical students with an interactive learning platform that includes variety of medical cases to practice their clinical skills on.

The next generation of ultrasound simulator

A mixed reality ultrasound simulator, allowing you to turn any manikin into a high-fidelity educational ultrasound simulator at a fraction of the cost of traditional manikin-based simulators.

Realistic products for emergency training

Extreme Simulations (EXS) specializes in training people and organizations for emergency situations, using realistic tools and smart simulation devices.

Interactive, Immersive Rooms For Healthcare Education

Easily create experiences like working in an emergency ambulance or even roadside assistance with accurate immersive sights and sounds.

Empowering people to save lives

Innov2Learn is a company specialised in devices for medical simulation. In other words, our devices help to create a real-life medical situation to demonstrate and train healthcare professionals.

Empowering people to save lives

Inovytec’s diverse suite of products is comprised of the SALI advanced critical aid system, the Ventway Sparrow family of compact and robust turbine ventilators and the Lubo first-aid non-invasive airway management tools.

Premier casualty and simulation devices for medical training

MedicFX products help medical professionals and trainees to focus on scenarios without having to wear out their imagination on abstract representations of the human form.

Onboard connectivity specialists for emergency vehicles

Simulation Man has partnered with The Onboard Technology Group to deliver an onboard connectivity solution dedicated to road emergency vehicles.

Means for Realistic Medical Simulation

Simula FX is dedicated to customising high-quality medical simulators.